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How do I use Nearby App Intents to open my business page in the Facebook app?

Nearby notifications configured to send out App Intents allow you to open up particular pages in apps installed on the user's phone.

One use case for this feature is having a notification that opens your business' FB page inside the Facebook app.

Unfortunately, the correct way to form an intent for opening a Facebook page isn't well documented anywhere on Facebook. So here's a guide on how to do that.

Facebook intents are of the form of fb://page/<unique ID> or fb://profile/<unique ID>

The first thing you'll need is the unique ID of the page you want to show. This is different from the name of the page.

Head to and enter the URL of the page you want to show, then click the button. You will be given a numeric ID that you should copy.

For example, if you enter, you will get the ID 130648490317017

Next, open up Beaconstac dashboard and head to the page for the beacon from which you want to send this notification. In the Nearby Notification section, enter a title and description for your notification, and select App Intent With URL.

There are 4 fields to be filled out here:

1. Intent Scheme: For the Facebook app, this is fb

2. Intent Path: This would be page/<unique ID> or profile/<unique ID> depending on whether you're trying to open a business page or a personal profile. For our above example of the MobStac page, this would be page/130648490317017

3. Package Name: For the Facebook app, this is com.facebook.katana

4. Web URL Fallback: In case your intent fails for some reason (eg. app not found), the notification will open this URL in the user's browser. You can enter the URL of the Facebook page here. For example, we would enter

Save the changes on your beacon and check the Nearby notifications on your phone. You should now see a notification with the Facebook icon that opens your page in the Facebook app!

Hi,  is there any additional step before or after to be able to use Nearby notification  App Intent?  I am copying the information exactly like above but not getting the notification.  I get the physical web custom link only but I don't see the app trying to launch. 

Using iphone 5s.  Thanks.


 Hi Pablo,

App intents are only available on Android devices. It will not work on iOS.

Alternatively you can just put the Facebook link in the custom URL section.

How can I get the information for different apps? For example I have a chain restaurant that wants to link to the chain app, hey do not have the info since they are only a franchisee. Do I need to reach out to the franchise to try to get the info??

Hi Mike, yes you will need to reach out to the company that owns the chain app to get that info.

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