Nearby Notifications is Temporarily Muted

A few of our customers have enquired about Nearby Notifications - why it hasn’t been working of recent. So we thought it’s best to bring to the notice of all our readers, this current issue related to Nearby Notifications.

Nearby Notifications has been temporarily muted since Sept 21, 2016. Users do not need to disable or re-enable the Nearby Notifications. A fix to this issue will be released along with a follow-up release of Google Play Services.

Here is a link to the Google Developers blog that discusses about this issue, if it will affect Nearby Messages or Proximity Beacon API and the expected time for a resolution to the issue:.

New here, just ordered beacon last night, Did I make a mistake? With this company?
Hi. I am worried there is no answer. In general I don't see recent activity in the forums here.

UPDATE: This was resolved a long time ago and is currently up and running.