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How to find out beacon health status and battery level?

There are two ways to do this:

1. Offline way - where you need not be in range of the beacon: 

  • Just login to our dashboard with your credentials and under the Beacons tab you can find a list of all your beacons along with their battery status and last seen status. (Note that the battery status shown here is not realtime)
2. Online way - where you need be in range of the beacon:

  •  You can login to your account on the Beaconstac iPhone or Android app
  • Navigate to --> My Beacons
  • Here you need to select the beacon whose health and battery level you would like to know
  • Scroll down to sensor data and you will see battery level, other hardware-related info (This data is updated in real-time). PFA Screenshot of an example below:

Beacon Detail Page on an Android device

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