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How do I create a custom URL for beacons in Eddystone mode?

Here are the steps to be followed in order to create a custom URL for beacons in Eddystone mode:

  1. Login to the Beaconstac Dashboard
  2. Click on the beacon that you wish to configure which will open the beacon detail page.
  3. Under the Physical Web Campaign section you can select the Type as Custom URL.
  4. Add the URL that you wish to go ahead with.
  5. You can preview your changes before you hit save.

Note: Please ensure that your custom URL starts with "https://"

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I am doing so, and clicking save button.  It does not save it.   I go back and it is still the same. 

If I  transform my beacon to Eddy can I setup new URL?

Update: There has been a new release for our Beaconstac dashboard which has major bug fixes and enhanced user experience.

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