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I have a rule with a webhook. It fires correctly if I have the app running in the foreground but doesn’t trigger when it’s running in the background.

Webhook should run in background as in foreground. Check for the following:

  • Do you have allowRangingInBackground property enabled on the Beaconstac object?
  • Is your location access set to ‘Always’?
  • What is the webhook service you are using. If it takes too long for the network request to be processed, it can get timed out in the background.

Also, the rules are triggered only when you have camped on to a beacon. This issue arises primarily when two beacons are close together and the one the app is camped onto is the one that does not have any rules attached to it. Just to confirm that, you can implement the delegate callback beaconstac:campedOnBeacon:amongstAvailableBeacons: and check if the beacon you are camping on is the same as the one the rule is attached to. You can check the beaconKey property of MSBeacon returned from the callback for the same.

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