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My notifications do not show up on other devices. What should I do?

The Beaconstac app is only for Demo purposes i.e. to understand and demonstrate the capabilities of the Beaconstac product.

During testing - for notifications/messages to pop up on different devices it is necessary for all these devices to have the latest versions of the Beaconstac app downloaded from the App Store/Play Store

During customer deployment - it is necessary for you to have your own native app (iOS or Android) with our SDKs integrated into it. You can then configure Rules and set Actions using the Admin Console. After this the messages/content will pop up whenever a device that has your app downloaded, is in proximity to your beacons.

HI, how can I test the beacon temperature?Do you have examples of webhooks?



The beacon temperature data (latest) is available in the Beaconstac app in the My Beacons screen. Please click on the beacon of interest to get the details. The temperature data is also available in the admin console under the Beacons section. 

Please check this tutorial link on webhooks.


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