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How can I reconfigure the Eddystone URL using the Beaconstac App?

Using our Beaconstac Apps you can configure the beacons to give out the URLs of your choice. You can do the following:

  • Go to the "My Beacons" section in the app
  • Select the beacon of choice
  • Click on "Edit" on the top right of the screen
  • Set a new URL for Eddystone URL

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it doesnt seem to be working for me....nor does the cards...I made two for a test and neither of them came through. 

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I can´t edit  the URL to change it either


Please do follow the steps that were mentioned in the first message. While doing so, please ensure that: 

         - you have a working internet connection

         - you are close to the beacon

Can the same beacon act as Notifier and as Eddystone sending the user to an URL?

Yes, the same beacon transmits iBeacon and Eddystone protocols in an interleaving mode

I want to edit the beacon with the app, but keeps trying to log on, i can edit the name of the beacon but not the url

@Menno I noticed that you have bought an Eddy Kit from us. We do not allow changing url for Eddy Kit beacons from app (Eddy Kit beacons have a shortened url programmed into them). You can log onto Beaconstac Dashboard and configure what the url points to - it could be Card, Form or another webURL etc. 

Hope this helps!

Cant change url on eddy kit. Whats the point if it only advertises your site?

Hi Kingston,

You can use Custom URL option on Beacon page to broadcast any site through Eddy beacons (if you don't wish to use pre-created cards or forms). We don't allow changing smart URLs because this would mean our customers lose access to analytics - where we track notifications, views, distribution, growth and many other upcoming insights on their behalf.

Also, we noticed you're using an HTTP URL that maybe unsafe for visitors, hence it's recommended to use HTTPS.

Hope this helps.

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