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The beaconstac app

Can demo different campaigns be delivered to the beaconstac app for Demonstration purposes beside the 3 demo campaigns that are provided by default?  I want to show the functionality of the beacon using a customers web content as a demo

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i am not clear.i did not understand what you tell so please let me clear beaconstac provide the REST apis managing becaons from my backend.

Our REST APIs are not yet available publicly. We will notify you when they're documented and available for you to use.

I received the 3 beacons I ordered and was able to see the preconfigured demo for these beacons.  How do I assign new rules to the beacons so I can demonstrate the beacons using my advertising campaign?  The website doesn't seem to allow me to create and assign new rules to the demo beacons.


Hi Bill,

Follow these steps to assign new Rules to the beacons:

1. Click on Configure Demo and select the 3 beacons for the demo. It will finally take you to the Experience Demo page.

2. Now, go to the portal, create new rules and assign them to the beacons. You can pause other rules which are assigned to the same beacon

3. On the app, go back to the Menu screen. This time directly click on Experience Demo without going into Configure Demo mode. New rules should just start working. 

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